Oral Surgery, Extraction

What is an extraction?

A tooth which is very decayed or damaged, or loose because of gum disease, may have to be extracted (taken out of your mouth). Your dentist may also decide to take the wisdom teeth out if they have come through at an awkward angle or if they are causing problems. Teeth are sometimes taken out of children's mouths to help other teeth grow straight, when they are crowded.

Before Treatment:

  • You will be informed of why it is necessary to take the tooth/teeth out.
  • You will also be informed about the options to replace the tooth later, if it is necessary.

Some teeth are easier to take out than others. Your dentist will use a local anaesthetic to numb the tooth before it is extracted.

During Treatment:

  • You may hear some noise, and feel some pressure as the tooth is being eased out, but not any pain.
  • Sometimes sutures (stitches) may be used to help the mouth heal.

After Treatment:
Your dentist will explain what to do after the extraction and how to keep the mouth clean. It may take a few days after the extraction before the gum is healed.
The dentist will:

  • Give you a pad of gauze to bite on to stop any bleeding.
  • Advise you in how to look after the space where the tooth was while it is healing.
  • Inform you how to use painkillers so you are not in any discomfort when the aneasthetic wears off.
  • Let you know how you can contact the practice if there are any problems

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